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These days  the world of each and every individual revolves around the social networking sites such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype .Among these Whatsapp is the most commonly used social networking mobile application which is bringing the world closer and closer. It has also played a major role in increasing the way of communication among people. By providing fascinating activities like creating groups, sharing images, videos and use of emojis to interact with one another. Along with basic necessities of every individual that are food, clothing and shelter, whatsapp also has become a basic necessity of every individual. The features that whatsapp exhibit includes showcasing your profile picture and also your status. Every trip one goes on, every dish that one eats, every hangout one does may it be family, friends, relatives or so on, wishing others on birthdays, anniversaries, celebrating parties may it be new year party, success party, bachelor’s party, birthday parties all these status are being frequently updated by everyone daily based on the occasion . People mostly the youths have a habit of updating their status daily.  Inspired by the hindi television the youth are now more keen on having their statuses in hindi which is said to be the most expressive languages among all. Creating own whatsapp status in hindi may be time consuming  so one finds an easy way to have things that will make their task simpler. So here is an easy way to get countless number of status. Some status in hindi that can be the famous dialogues of the superstars like Shahrukh Khan’s  “Hum sharif kya hua puri duniya hi badmash ban gayi” ,  Salman Khan’s  “Mereare bare mai maat sochna mai dil mai ata hai dimag mai nahi”  are some of the most popular dialogues that have spread the impactness of hindi language and has increased the interest of all, specially youth towards the hindi language. We therefore, considering the huge demand of whatsapp status in hindi  are providing you hundreds and thousands of  status in hindi. These status for whatsapp will express love, joy, sadness, happiness, anger and all other  emotions of life which can be expressed in a more beautiful way using the magic of hindi words. There are variety of types of status in hindi. These status types includes shayari in contest of love,guilt, funny jokes and many many more. The status these days have become a new way of expressing these emotions of life.

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